Ceremony Coffee

If you follow my instagram, you will find out that I love writing in coffee shops. And I gotta say, after visiting the new Ceremony Coffee that just opened up in Harbor Point, I will definitely be writing there from here on out.

Service: Everyone is just so freakin’ nice and pleasant to talk to. They really want you to enjoy your stay. After ordering my dirty chai (which is my favorite drink to order), I situated myself along the walls with the outlets. As I worked, one of the baristas delivered my drink. I didn’t even need to get up.

The space: The space is a little bit more busy and smaller than the Ceremony Coffee in Mount Vernon, but that’s what makes this Ceremony Coffee special. It’s different, but in a good way. Artsy light fixtures are dispersed all over the ceiling, the walls are painted white and denim blue, the tables and chairs are made out of wood and have a white accent to them, and natural light flows in through Ceremony’s huge windows.

Work environment: If you plan on working here, they do play music through their speakers. So if you need a dead silent, quiet environment, this might not be the place to go. I usually listen to instrumental music when I write so I just pop in my headphones and the music issue is solved.

There is only one wall that has outlets. You might have to fight someone to get a place along the wall. My suggestion is to not go during peak hours to get a seat. When I went to do some work there, it was around noon on a Friday and the space was pretty much empty. As the day went on, more people came in, but my spot was already secured next to the outlets.

If you plan to stay at Ceremony all day, you will never go hungry! Ceremony not only serves coffee, but also food! and guess what? They serve alcohol. Your work just got more productive, right? ;D

Also there is wifi. You just need to ask them for the password.

Meeting up with people: First date? Wanna hold a casual interview here? Catching up with an old friend? Great. Go here.

Coffee: I ordered a vanilla latte, a dirty chai, and sampled their nitro cold brew. Tasty drinks if you ask me. You can tell the baristas put in the effort to make sure you get good coffee. To them, it’s an art and I appreciate art… especially if it’s in coffee form haha.

I told the barista I was going to take a picture of the vanilla latte below and when he came out with it, he said that he messed it up haha. I think I might have put too much pressure on him. I still like the picture though! And the coffee was tasty!

Anyways, I just really love this space. It gives off a friendly, creative vibe. And it’s a really chill environment. Although furniture pretty much covers every inch of this place, Ceremony Coffee in Harbor Point still gives off the minimalistic feel.

I hope you enjoy Coffee Ceremony at Harbor Point as much as I did! As always, let me know what you think of your visit!



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