Farmers’ Market at the BMI

Two weekends ago, I had the pleasure of checking out the farmers’ market at the Baltimore Museum of Industry for the first time! At first, I was only there to scout the B’Eat More Pie Fest that was going on (which was awesome), but it turned into meeting/getting to know some of the local businesses in Baltimore.

When I first stepped into the farmers’ market, Evolve Woodworks immediately caught my attention.

I recently got into woodworking and I was admiring not only the items being sold (jewelry, furniture, cutting boards, decorations, etc), but how Nick Onorato, the owner of Evolve Woodworks, did his craft. This man is definitely an artist and is good at what he does. He’s very knowledgeable at woodworking and welding and has been doing this for over ten years. Although he owns a saw mill up near White Marsh, MD, he travels down to the farmers’ market every Saturday to showcase and sell his work.

One of my favorite pieces is this wood decoration below that you can hang on your wall. It contains hidden compartments where you can hide your monies, jewelry, keys, etc.

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Evolve Woodworks
Baltimore, MD
(410) 941-8827
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Another person I met was Ray, who is the owner of Ray’s Made-to-Order Pork Rinds. What makes her pork rinds so special? Not only is she an experienced chef, but she cooks the pork rinds right in front of you (so they’re fresh)! Afterwards, she coats them with whatever spice combinations she made for that Saturday morning. The day I went she was selling three different spices (which you could sample): original, cinnamon sugar, and smokey bbq pork rinds. I can’t begin to tell you how good they were. And it’s a good snack to walk around with while shopping around the farmers’ market.

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Ray’s Made-to-Order Pork Rinds
Baltimore, MD
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After my woodworking and food adventure, I finally stopped over to the tent that was doing the B’Eat More Pie Fest. I was really excited to see and taste the competition since people submitted their pies in hopes of having the best pie. Unfortunately when I got there, it was too late for me to vote or to taste most of the pies. I did end up sampling the pie below, which was extremely savory!

Sadly, I can’t tell you who won the best pie or who won the raffle of taking a whole pie home since I left right after I ate my Irish Potato Bacon Tart sample haha. I do wish I got there sooner, but hey, there’s always the next Pie Fest. Maybe I’ll even submit my own pie creation!

I did end up going back to the farmers’ market this past weekend again and in my need for coffee, I came across Wicked Good Sweets, which is owned by Ginny Marsh, the person who also makes all the sweets. She told me she started selling her baked goods at the BMI farmers’ market three years ago and since then kept coming back. By the way, the coffee served over at Wicked Good Sweets is from Koba Cafe, a great coffee shop over in Riverside if you ever want to check it out.

Want more info?

Wicked Good Sweets
Lutherville, MD
(207) 671-3670
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Of course the farmers’ market has more than what I mentioned above. You can shop for your fresh veggies and fruits, grab some waffles for breakfast, buy some flowers, etc. I do plan on going back again because there are so many vendors I want to meet/buy stuff from.

Have any of you been to the farmers’ market at the BMI? If so, which vendors should I visit next?


 Baltimore Museum of Industry Farmers’ Market
1415 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 727-4808 x120
Saturdays, May 20 – November 25, 2017
9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
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  1. Please come visit Cheese Galore and More, we feature local cheeses and other delicious local products! Hope to see you at our booth

    1. Yes, will do! Next time I visit the BMI farmers’ market, I will definitely check you guys out! Can’t wait!

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