Fells Point Farmers’ Market

A couple of Saturdays last month, I ventured into Fells Point Farmers’ Market, which is temporarily located on a parking lot in Harbor Point due to the construction in Fells Point Square (the original location).

Although the farmers market is small, it has a lot of really good vendors. You have Zeke’s Coffee to give you your morning coffee. If you’re hungry, you can stop by Ekiben for their steam buns. If you want to skip the food and drink, there are vendors that sell veggies, fruit, and a variety of artisan goods. Also, all the vendors are so freakin’ nice. Awesome vibes + great quality goods = my kind of farmers market.

One of the vendors I visited was Cathy’s Ginger Spices!

Cathy sells ginger infused things: ginger honey balsamic reduction, ginger spice blends such as ginger pumpkin spice and ginger lemon with pepper, ginger infused oil, ginger infused honey, ginger chews, ginger simple syrup, and more!

Cathy is there every Saturday to answer all your ginger questions. She makes everything herself so you know it’s made with some tender, love, and care! If there is anything she sells that you’re questioning, don’t fear! She’ll let you try a sample! Maybe you’ll even find something you like! For me, I didn’t know I was going to like the ginger raspberry lemonade until she gave me a sample. This refreshing drink helped me beat the heat while scouting the farmers market:

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Cathy’s Ginger Spices
Baltimore, MD
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Another vendor I checked out was The Painted Mermaid.

Denine is the owner of the Painted Mermaid with her husband, Doug, helping her out. Doug does the woodworking portion and Denine does the painting. With their talents combined, they end up making these awesome beachy, home decorations:

I gotta say my favorite decoration has to be the pineapples. They are just so freakin’ cute! I actually saw the pineapples before they had color, and I thought they were cute then. I didn’t realize they could get even cuter until I saw them with color!

Other than selling beachy, home decorations, they also sell authentic sea glass jewelry! You can thank Denine’s parents for collecting these beautiful sea glasses to make the jewelry!

One of the cool things that Denine does is host paint nights. Denine will think of a design Doug can woodwork, Doug makes the design, Denine hands out those designs during paint nights, and the attendees paint on the designs! For example, for the summer, Doug made the pineapples and during paint nights, the attendees painted on the pineapples! I’m not quite sure which design Denine will think of for the Fall, but maybe you can throw her a suggestion!

If you see anything you like from The Painted Mermaid, you can catch them every two weeks at the Fells Point farmers’ market!

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The Painted Mermaid
Baltimore, MD
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I definitely plan on going back to this farmers market again to check out the other vendors so stay tuned for another post relating to this farmers market! If you’ve been to this farmers market before, feel free to shoot me a vendor that you think is worth visiting!

Fells Point Farmers’ Market
950 S. Caroline St. Baltimore, MD 21231

Saturdays, May 12 – November 17, 2017
7:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.
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