Happy Two Year Anniversary!

Damn! Year two already?! Man… time flies when you’re hustlin’ and having fun. So many opportunities opened up for me this past year and I accepted them all with no regrets! That includes doing restaurant photography (like legit photoshoot for clients) and social media content creating for restaurants too. And I’ve  met the most wonderful people in the blogging sphere and restaurant industry both from DC and Baltimore. I even flew all the way to Chicago to dine at Alinea (3 star Michelin), which was my first fine dining experience ever (by the way… it was mind blowing).  It’s been one hell of a ride and I ain’t stopping! 

So the reason why I haven’t been updating on here is because I’ve been toying with the idea of revamping a couple of things with my brand. Yeah, poor excuse for not updating but I didn’t feel it in me to write something when I knew I could present it in a better but different way. I’m not ready to announce exactly in detail what will be coming but be ready to see me in front of a video camera and you reading more about my first restaurant visits and food/drink product reviews. Also, my favorite topic I have in my head that I’m super excited to execute deals with traveling. If you follow my Instagram, you’ll notice I’ve done a bit of traveling already this year. There’s only going to be more as this year progresses so fasten your seatbelts!  

Also, definitely want to do more collaborations this year. So if you want to collaborate, please let me know and we can discuss! 

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