Shoyou Sushi

Tucked away towards the end of Light street in Fed Hill lies Shoyou Sushi. In my opinion, this neighborhood gem has the best sushi in Baltimore city.

what makes this place so great?

price to food ratio: For an affordable price range from $10.00 – $18.00 ish, you get humongous sushi rolls that layer so many things like crab on crab on crab or shrimp on shrimp on shrimp or… you get the idea.

I would totally tell you what roll this is, but I don’t remember

BYOB: Yes, you can bring your own alcohol. If you forgot your bud light in your fridge or that wine you were gonna kill, there is a liquor store right across the street. How convenient!

food menu: This is a sushi joint so don’t be expecting to eat ramen here or some other main entree, Japanese dish. Sushi wise, you can order different kinds of handrolls, sashimi, sushi/nigiri, and classic maki rolls if you don’t want to go for the ultimate speciality rolls. You also have the option of ordering appetizers, which are the only items on the menu that aren’t sushi. My friends and I always go for the shumai and the bomb-ass edamame, which Sushi Bruce, the owner and sushi master/chef of Shoyou Sushi, claims is the easiest thing to make on the menu since it’s just “soy sauce and something sweet” (his exact words lol).

fish: Sushi Bruce wants his customers to have great, quality sushi so he goes to the fish market in Jessup, MD twice a week. For those who thought he went to the fish market every single morning, now you know the truth. At the fish market, Bruce inspects the fish to make sure they are fresh and checks them for any abnormalities. He’s done this for so long (he told me more than 10 years) that the vendors at the fish market know him and knows how he likes his fish/what kind of fish he’s going to buy.

what do I order if I haven’t been before?

If you’re a newb to Shoyou, best thing to order is the Japanese Burrito.

Japanese Burrito

From my knowledge (and correct me if I am wrong), but Baltimore city’s first sushi burrito was introduced at Shoyou and it was the only place in Baltimore city you could get it if you were craving it/wanted to try it. This yummy burrito has spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, avocado, crab mix, and avocado wrapped in rice and soy paper.

If you wanna go pro and step up your Shoyou game, try the Chirashi Bowl. Although it is the most expensive item on the menu, it’s so damn good. Bruce lays out a bed of sushi rice at the bottom and elegantly arranges a variety of sashimi on top, providing your palate with different textures and tastes. This dish is simple and refreshing, yet still flavorful. It’s also very pleasing to look at since it doesn’t have the crazy visuals the ultimate speciality rolls have. I’m not saying that the ultimate speciality rolls are not visually appealing, but you can tell the ultimate speciality rolls definitely look busy unlike the Chirashi Bowl.

Chirashi Bowl
(I took this picture with my iphone at the beginning of 2017… and don’t worry about the ‘fight’ and ‘end’… that’s for another story haha)

tips before you go

bring cash: They only accept cash. There is an ATM machine at the back of the restaurant, but it’s better to be prepared.
go during lunch time or before the dinner rush… or just order take out: This tiny space does not take reservations so seating gets packed during dinner time every day. If you go during dinner, be prepared to wait an hour to an hour and a half. Or you can just skip the wait, order to go, and eat the delicious sushi at home.

about Shoyou Sushi

So I had the honor to talk to Sushi Bruce for a little bit as my friends and I feasted in sushi heaven. Bruce grew up in California and has always lived next to the water. When he moved to Maryland and opened up shop in Fed Hill, he knew he wanted Shoyou Sushi to be close to the water too. He got his wish. Shoyou Sushi is just a short stroll towards the Inner Harbor.

That’s Sushi Bruce lol

I asked Bruce if he plans on opening another Shoyou (specifically near where I live haha), and he told me that he’s been playing with the idea in his head, but it’s just an idea. He has no plans of making moves any time soon. So for those across the pond (Fells Point, Canton, Highlandtown, etc)… cross your fingers because it might happen one day! He does know for certain that if he opens up another Shoyou Sushi, it needs to be near the water, just like Shoyou in Fed Hill.

If you look at the menu, you’re going to notice that there are some funny and interesting ultimate speciality roll names. For the longest time, I’ve always wanted to know where the hell did Sushi Bruce get the name “Who’s Your Daddy” from. He told me that a lot of sushi names on the menu were named by his family and friends. His friend, who also made sushi, named one of the specialty rolls “Who’s Your Daddy”. Although names like “Who’s Your Daddy” might sound silly to a random person eating at Shoyou, the overall names on the menu carry the thoughtfulness of those who supported him opening his Sushi business.

Who's Your Daddy Roll

“Who’s Your Daddy” roll

Hey! Why are you still reading my post? Get off the computer/off your mobile device and go to Shoyou Sushi now! And as always, let me know what you think!

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Shoyou Sushi
1504 Light St, Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 685-2989
Mon. & Wed. 12–3 p.m. / 5–10 p.m. | Tue. closed | Thu.-Sat. 12–3 p.m. / 5–10:30 p.m. | Sun. 3–9:30 p.m.
view menu here

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