This past Thursday, Baltimore officially acquired a beach.

Located in Harbor Point, the Sandlot is an urban beach minus the actual swimming water. It looks out onto the inner harbor and gives an awesome view of locust point and fed hill. There is a lot of room to sit around, stand around, and hang out: comfy lounge chairs, picnic tables, and huge umbrellas with beach chairs underneath. Sand covers the floor all over so if you’re into digging your feet into the sand, there you go. Also, string lights are hung above the lounge area. I went during the day, but i’m sure the Sandlot is absolutely gorgeous at night.


I also like how there is a good amount of greenery. It helps give off a vibe that you are at a beach and makes you question if you’re even in baltimore. I am totally in love with the wall plants below.

I thought the Sandlot had a good selection of cocktails, slushies, and beers to please everyone. I really liked that they sold only baltimore beers. I can’t remember what types of beers they had, but some of them were from Monument City Brewing Company, Union Craft Brewing, Key Brewing Co., etc. And yes, I know, the beers were not written on the board.

The cocktails also looked delicious. I ordered a drink called Loose Lips. I couldn’t even taste the alcohol!

I didn’t get the chance to eat the food, but a met a girl who was digging into some rosemary fries and this hotdog that I don’t know the name of, but she said it was tasty haha.

They were also cooking chicken. Don’t they look so good?!

If you want a glimpse of the menu, here ya go:

Besides hanging out and lounging about, you can play cornhole while you drink!

If you decide you want to check out the Sandlot while the hype is extremely high, there are a couple of things you should know before you get your party on. I went there three times last week and this is the knowledge I have acquired from my research (lol):

waiting time for food and drink

Because this place is so new and is the only place in Baltimore that looks like a sandy beach, crowds of people will flock to this place. That delicious drink you saw that guy sip? Those mouth watering nachos you saw that girl eat? You probably have to wait a total of 45 ish minutes for both. Why 45 minutes? The wait in line to order your drink/food+ the amount of time it takes for the bartender to make your drink/the amount of time to get your food ready + the wait of other customers waiting for their own drinks/food = 45 ish minutes or it could be even more.

Also, keep in mind that after you order your food/drink, you have two options: wait next to the bar or servers will come out to where you are seating and give you your food/drink. And yes, this also applies to beer.

Solution? Get there right within the hour it opens. Not only is there only like 6-8 people in line, but the wait to get your food and drink is 10 minutes at most. The longer you prolong getting at the Sandlot, the more people will show up and cause more of a wait time.

seating area

There will be loads of people present and it will be hard for you to find seating if you and your friends decide to hang out for a long period of time.

Also, if you were looking forward to laying out on the hammocks while reading that Neil Gaiman book you have on your kindle *ahem*American Gods*ahem*, you may want to re-think that. It’ll probably be taken over by a group that got there before you.

Solution? Just like the last solution, get there within the hour the Sandlot opens to secure your spot. I’ve also noticed that the umbrella spots get taken first.

If you don’t mind standing around, the sitting situation won’t be a problem for you at all.

trying to find the Sandlot

A lot of people have told me that they had a tough time finding the Sandlot. To help you out, it’s behind Morgan Stanley. If you can somehow get through the obstacle course of Exelon building’s parking garage, you’ll be there in no time. It honestly took me 10 ish minutes of walking up and down Caroline Street (and calling a friend who somehow got there before me) to figure out how to get there.

Overall, I think the Sandlot has a lot of potential. Great atmosphere and great drinks. Keep in mind that they just opened so they are trying to find their bearings. If you do end up getting there after the hour the Sandlot opens, don’t let it ruin your fun! Just talk to your friends around you or the people waiting in line and have a good time 🙂

Let me know if you end up going and what you think of it!


1000 Wills St. Baltimore, MD 21231
Sun.-Fri. 4–11 p.m.| Sat.-Sun. 11 a.m.–11 p.m.


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