Galentine’s Party!!

When I realized today was the last day of February, I freaked out. Today is the last day I could post something related to Valentine’s Day — I mean, Galentine’s Day. So, to end this wonderful month, I give you my experience at my first Galentine’s Party hosted by Sentimental Fools Events and the Society of Excellent Women!

This event was held at Monument City Brewing Company on Tuesday, February 13th. It was a party to celebrate us ladies and how much we love and appreciate each other. There were so many Galentine’s day events I could have gotten my groove on at, but coming straight from an exhausted day of work (and me being such a grandma), this chill celebration was my perfect cup of tea for a Tuesday night.

A lot of people described this Galentine’s Party as a marketplace featuring women owned businesses, and I liked it. Not only did I get to shop around and find some amazing pieces for my coffee and tea consumption (*ahem*Ann Margaret Ceramics*ahem*), but I got to boogie down with some cool jams by DJ Pancakes. I even got to eat some delicious tamales from Cocina Luchadoras (by the way, if you haven’t heard of them, they have been blowing up recently. I’ve been meaning to stop by their brick and mortar shop and try their tacos). Follow Cocina Luchadoras here on Instagram. 

The Urban Oyster was also selling off their delicious oysters. Nomz! Follow The Urban Oyster on Instagram here. 

Other things this party offered was a make-up alley where you could get your face done, cocktails, beers from Monument City, clothes, coffee from Vent Coffee Roasters, and so much more!

If you like the nerd apparel above, check out Fly Nerd Apparel’s Instagram here. 

They also had a raffle going out with lots of goodies you could win from the vendors at the event.

I arrived right when the doors opened at 6:30AM in hopes of getting good shots before the place crowded up. When I got inside, I was greeted with a warm smile by Brittany Wight, who is not only my friend (d’awwww) but the founder of the Society of Excellent Women.

**Side bar/note: If you’ve never heard of the Society of Excellent Women, it’s an organization that lets womyn (I use this term because it is more inclusive to those who may not identity with the standard definition of “women”) meet and get to know each other in an inclusive, fun, and safe environment. Those who have joined this organization (including me) can say that this organization is a blessing. It’s so hard trying to make friends when you’re a busy adult running around everywhere! This is why the Society of Excellent Women is fantastic. You can meet like-minded people who want to make friends too… and they’re all in one spot!

Brittany came up with the idea of the Society of Excellent Women after she was invited to one of her friend’s Excellent Women dinners. Brittany’s friend invited four or so women and each of those four women brought a friend that didn’t know anyone else. Brittany had a grand ole time chatting with all these new gals and had a lovely sit down dinner with them. A couple of weeks later, she was asked to throw a happy hour at Wet City. Because so many womyn showed up and had a desire to connect and make friends, she rolled with the Society of Excellent Women concept ever since!

By the way, if you’re interested in joining, feel free to show up to one of their events. They are not invite only! Any womyn can join!***

After getting my wrist band and my lovely goody bag, I admired the amazing balloon structures made by Sentimental Fools Events. If you haven’t heard of them, Sentimental Fools Events is an event planning and design business. No wonder their balloon decorations were so creative and artistic!

B’More Fluff was also there spinnin up some cotton candy! Like it says below, spin along with them on their Instagram here!

All of the vendors were amazing, but I didn’t have enough time to thoroughly visit them all. I want to highlight some of the vendors that interested me… and they interested me so much that I bought things from them or kept their business card to stalk them for future pop-ups haha.

A women owned business I hold close to my heart (because I love coffee, and I love the people who are associated with Vent Coffee) is Vent Coffee Roasters. Sarah, who is the owner of Vent Coffee, started off her business in 2013, and she is making it big!

I talked to Andrew, who is the founder and owner of the Baltimore Brew Club, on why he took on Vent Coffee to be part of the Brew Club. His reason? Vent Coffee is just simply amazing. He wouldn’t have considered asking Sarah and Vent Coffee to be part of the Brew Club if he didn’t think they weren’t. FYI, I really enjoy Vent Coffee’s Finca El Oasis, Tolima, Colombia coffee beans if you need a suggestion ;D

You can follow Vent Coffee Roasters on Instagram here.
If you want to buy some coffee beans, hit up their website here. 


One of the booths that attracted me was Ann Margaret Ceramics. I had a REAL TOUGH TIME trying to decide which cup to buy. They were all so pretty. I was even discussing with Annie, the owner is Ann Margaret  Ceramics, my struggle.

In the end, I came out with the dark gray cup, which looks fantastic with my new studio apartment’s interior design hahaha. Honestly though, I might buy more from cups from their Etsy store ahhh!

You can follow Ann Margaret Ceramics on Instagram here.
If you want to check out some pottery, look at AM Ceramics’ Etsy store!


A vendor I always see at every marketplace event I go to or every farmers’ market (I feel like) I attend is Le Monade. I’ve been meaning to try them, and I am so happy I did! I had so much fun talking to Carleen, the founder and owner of Le Monade.

She let me try samples of her lemonade and —DAMN — they were amazing. I do have to say, out of all the three flavors I tried, the citrus thyme was my favorite.

I mentioned to her how worried I was if I bought the product since I didn’t really drink lemonade, but Carleen assured me that I could also use the concentrate as salad dressing if I mix the concentrate with a little bit of vinegar and olive oil. Well, after hearing that, I was completely sold because ya know… I love food. I knew the citrus thyme concentrate would work wonders on a salad. And you know what? I was right.

You can follow Le Monade on Instagram here.
If you want to check out where their next pop-up will be, follow them here on facebook!


I thought these candles were cute by Elizabeth Kim O’Brien Hecht. I remember having a laugh with her asking if I would be considered an alcoholic purchasing the whiskey candle hahahaah. I told her I wanted to smell more candles from her so you can definitely be sure I’ll be attending her next pop-up!

You can get her candles here.
You can also follow her Instagram here.


Overall, I had a great time shopping, eating, catching up with people I knew, and meeting new ladies! It definitely  felt like no one was pressuring me to like them or judging me for my weird antics (ya’ll know how weird I am if you’ve met me buahah). I love the Society of Excellent Women events because I feel like everyone I’ve met so far, through the SoEW, have been genuine and just so good-natured. You know I’ll definitely be back for another SoEW event (can you tell I got lazy spelling the name out? Hahaha).





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