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Real talk: being a food blogger has made me gain weight. I’m always surrounded by delicious food, and I have poor control when I get invited to tastings. What am I doing about it? Well, I’m trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle by:

  • exercising (cardio, HIIT, and weight lifting)
  • counting calories
  • less snacking after dinner (love them snacks though!)
  • picking veggies, fruits, and lean proteins over greasy and fried foods when I’m at work and at home
  • saying no to tastings that don’t tickle my fancy
  • eating out less
  • only eating one or two bites per plate at a tasting
  • not bringing leftovers home from tastings
  • dramatically decreasing the amount alcohol I drink per week from one drink to none at all

I had a tendency to drink a cocktail or two during a tasting, but now I don’t drink alcohol at tastings anymore. I can say that I do miss wine. In any alcoholic situation, I will always pick wine over a cocktail or a beer (I don’t go clubbing, which I feel like you can’t do wine in but this situation isn’t applicable to me so I’m good hahaha). When I found out that Better Wine Co. (located in Westminster, Maryland) had unfiltered wines that were 90 calories per 250ml can, and 0g of sugar, it changed the game for me. Not only are they light-bodied and refreshing, but they’re tasty too. Being at 5.9% ALC/VOL, they also give me a slight buzz! FYI, Better Wine Co.’s canned wines are certified vegan and gluten-free if that applies to you!

Top: Dry Rosé Cider
Bottom: Red Wine Spritzer

I tried four wines—Red Wine Spritzer, White Wine Spritzer, Nitro Rosé Spritzer, and the Dry Rosé Cider. All were crisp, fizzy, bubbly, and tasted even better when they were cold. I really enjoyed drinking them outside in the summer heat!

Left: Nitro Rosé Spritzer
Right: White Wine Spritzer

Gotta say my favorites were the Red Wine Spritzer and the White Wine Spritzer. I’ve always been a red wine gal so it wasn’t a surprise I liked it. The Red Wine Spritzer was probably the one canned wine out of all of them that had the deepest flavor profile. Definitely not full bodied or dry, but it was juicy and bubbly.

Red Wine Spritzer

For the White Wine Spritzer, I was actually really surprised I liked it. I don’t like white wines because usually they’re too light for me and don’t have that rich, deep, juicy flavor like red wines do. And I hate dry wines… which for some reason all my experiences with white wines have always been dry and a bit too sour for me. But this White Wine Spritzer? Loved it—wasn’t too dry for me, it was fizzy, bright, and tropically fruity! I felt like out of all the canned wines, this one was the most versatile. Anything could be mixed it. I made a nice cold, refreshing drink with the White Wine Spritzer, grapefruit seltzer water, crushed mint leaves, and a lime.

White Wine Spritzer

So my opinion of the Dry Rosé Cider and the Nitro Rosé Spritzer:  I didn’t love them, but I didn’t hate them either. BUT! I’ve also never really enjoyed rosé wine (and dry ones at that too!). For some reason the rosé taste has never clicked with me. I can say that I would drink them again if I were to run out of the Red Wine Spritzer and White Wine Spritzer. I do think that rosé fans would enjoy them though. I mean Dave ended up drinking the rest of the canned rosés so I guess that shows that they do taste good! All depends on your taste buds. Give the Nitro Rosé Spritzer and Dry Rosé Cider a shot and let me know what you think! 

Dry Rosé Cider
Nitro Rosé Spritzer

So bottom line: would I drink them again? Yes! Have I already been looking all over Baltimore  for another can of the White Wine Spritzer and the Red Wine Spritzer to replenish my Better Wine Co. supply? Sure have! They subside my wine craving since I’m watching what I eat/drink and they’re super light and easy to carry around when I go out to picnics, outside patio get togethers, cookouts, etc. Restaurants with outdoor areas should honestly be carrying this stuff! 

Red Wine Spritzer

If you want to buy, check out this page here. It details which locations you can get Better Wine Co.’s canned wines!

Top: Nitro Rosé Spritzer
Bottom: Dry Rosé Cider

Have you had drank any of the canned wines from Better Wine Co.? Did you like it? Hate it? Tell me your thoughts!


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